Preparing for a VBAC: Online Plus

You get all the benefits of the online course, but with a major add-on - live input from our expert, Jodie Adams!

This is a 4 week program where you work through the online material each week, in your own time. 

At the end of each week, you have a follow up with a group Zoom session with our expert and co-founder Jodie Adams.  We love the group sessions because not only will you learn directly from Jodie, but hearing the questions from other people in exactly your situation adds another level!

You will have the opportunity to talk through your questions and concerns in a supportive and closed environment, with other people, just like you!

Registrations open in December 2020 for the January 2021 course. 

Excellent Value at $329 AUD


If you can't wait that long, you can always take one of our 'aways available' options.

The 'Preparing for a VBAC - Online Course' - great value at $149.

OR you can sign up for our exclusive program, 'Preparing for a VBAC - Online + Private' and have 2.5hrs private consultation with our expert Jodie Adams.

So, how does this all work?

We run this version of our Preparing for a VBAC program 6 times a year, so there should be more than one session that you could join. We will limit the number of people in each intake so you will have plenty of opportunities to get involved and have your questions answered.

1. Registrations will open

About 3 weeks before the start of the next course, we will open up registrations.

If you would like to join our reminder list, just click on the button below. You will get an email to let you know that registrations have opened.

2. You will receive your instruction package

After you have registered, you will get an email with all the details of how the course will run.  It will include some pre-reading and the important dates for the course.

3. The course will start!

The course will start a week before your first live session with Jodie.  This is to allow you time to read through the first week's materials.

During the week, you'll be invited to send through your questions. These will be answered in the first session.

4. The Video Sessions

Each week, we will review a new section of the Online Course, that you will have already completed.

We will ask you to send though your questions for the week which will be covered in the session. Jodie has worked with so many women planning a VBAC, she has a good idea of what you might be wondering!

If you feel nervous about talking during these calls, don't worry, no one will be made to say anything. You can always type a question into the chat. We want you to feel safe and comfortable in this environment.

Most important to us is that you get the information to help you prepare for the safe arrival of your precious newborn.

5. The Wrap Up

After the course is finished, we will follow up with you by email to make sure you don't have any outstanding questions.

You will have been talking with your Health Care Provider during the program, and will have worked through the various options for your labour and birth.

You will have a clear birth plan that will empower you to communicate your preferences for how would like to be cared for on the big day! A plan your carers will actually understand and use.

Most importantly, you will be prepared. Regardless of how you birth, you will have done everything you can to put yourself in the best position possible.

About our expert... Jodie Adams


Jodie is a Clinical Midwifery Consultant who has worked with hundreds of women preparing for their next birth after a caesarean section.

Years of working with women with high risk pregnancies who desperately wanted a normal birth was the inspiration for starting the Prepared for Birth business.

Jodie was constantly frustrated by the lack of information in traditional birth classes for women with a complicated pregnancy, and how they didn't prepare women for the reality of what they were going to experience during labour.

Knowing how different the experience of labour is for these women, over the years, she collected and developed specific strategies for them.

With so much positive feedback from women in her care she wanted to find a way to share this knowledge and experience more widely. To help women, wherever they were, to work with their own Health Care Providers to achieve the same successful outcomes.

Jodie has two children of her own and continues to work as a midwife.

Features and Benefits

The program includes some great features that allows flexible learning and will support you every step of the way in your conversations with your Health Care Provider.


The program is designed to help you make the right decisions for you, and you alone. We offer information and strategies to cover many preferences and will not push you one way or the other.


Covers all the challenges and choices required to prepare for a VBAC. The program will empower you to successfully navigate your way through the system and the options available.

Specifically Tailored

Your situation is unique. We have created a 'one-stop-shop' for women wanting to take a proactive step towards having a VBAC. Everything you need to know in one place.

Blended Learning

We all learn differently, so we have designed the program accordingly. There are a range of videos, worksheets, checklists and reading material to cater for all kinds of learners.

Any Time, Any Place

Learn in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. Life with kids and work is busy, so this program is designed with that in mind. Do a little bit at a time, or all at once, whatever works for you.

Support for Partners

Help for your partner or support person to prepare for their role in labour and birth. Content includes tailored information for the important people in your life at this special time.

What will you learn?

⇒ What do we mean by Health Care Provider

⇒ How the 4 P's influence labour and how to work with them

⇒ Understanding what Feeling Safe means and why it is important

⇒ Understanding how fear affects labour and what you can do about it

⇒ Preparing for ongoing conversations with your Health Care Provider(s) about your specific choices in labour and birth

⇒ Why is labour different after you have had a caesarean section

⇒ How to prepare if you've had a previous difficult birth

⇒ Tools for communication and decision making

⇒ Tips for partners and support people

⇒ What to do if your baby is overdue

⇒ What are the stages of labour and what to expect in each

⇒ What is a posterior labour

⇒ How to help get your baby into the best position for labour

⇒ Understanding your own perspectives on pain and how this influences your choices

⇒ Strategies for managing pain in early labour

⇒ What are the pharmaceutical pain relief options and when's the best time to use them

⇒ Using different positions in labour to help with both pain management and labour progress

⇒ The benefits of using mindfulness and breathing techniques for birth

⇒ How you might use massage, heat and water in labour

⇒ How all these techniques can work together and when you might use them

⇒ Creating a birth plan that you and your Health Care Provider will actually use

⇒ Breastfeeding - setting up you for success

⇒ Tips for feeding your newborn with a toddler in the house

⇒ Tips from mums for coping with a new baby in the house

How does the program work?

We use a wide range of media to suit many learning styles, including videos, audio downloads, checklists and templates.

We understand that many of you have laboured before, so you can focus on the areas that are more important to you.

The program is designed to help you work with your Health Care Provider, so we anticipate that you will use some of the downloads (printed or just on your phone) to discuss with them during your appointments.

In order to be prepared for labour, your Health Care Providers need to know what is important to you and you need to know what they've got planned for you.

These modules are designed to bring these two elements together so that you understand each other and you feel safe and ready for the birth of your beautiful newborn.